Google’s +1 Button Gets More Useful

By  |  Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 1:26 am

When the Google +1 button first appeared, it really had only one purpose and that had to do with search. As you +1’d stuff around the Web, all it would really do is highlight pages you recommend to your circle of friends on Google’s search results.

That was before Google+. Now, the +1 button can do much more, and the company realizes this. The feature will act a lot more like Facebook’s “Like” button: when you +1 something, it will now appear in your stream to be viewable to allow your followers.

I should mention that on your Google +profile, there has always been a +1 tab where your +1’s (as long as you were logged in to the account you have a Google+ profile with) were stored. It’s buried, though, and I’m willing to bet many didn’t even realize it was there.

Just like the “Like” button, the new +1 button will allow you to comment on what you’re +1’ing. It will also allow you to select who you want to share it with, a feature Facebook recently added to its own offering.

It’s good to see that Google is making these changes . I guess you could call it the natural progression for the +1 button as social sharing becomes more important to Google in light of Google+’s dramatic gains in popularity.



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  1. Nick Says:

    You should add +1 buttons to your articles!

  2. Harry McCracken Says:

    It’s in the works–my apologies that it’s taking a while.

  3. Richard Hobart Says:

    Still Learning…still growing….thanks!

  4. video maker Says:

    Google + button is really important then other things. The more people will do the +1 the post the more it will get traffic and Google will like it. 🙂