Did Case-Mate Just Reveal The iPhone 5 Design?

By  |  Friday, September 16, 2011 at 9:51 am

What’s a day without an iPhone 5 rumor? What your looking at here is one of the images of apparent iPhone 5 cases that was posted to accessory maker Case-Mate’s site briefly on Thursday before being pulled.

The company says its “inside resources” claim Apple would indeed be launching two phones in early October, the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. I don’t know why Case-Mate is jumping into the rumors game, as that’s our job, but I do digress…

BGR reports¬†though that the page we’ve linked to here is different from a page they saw, which included a gallery of case images that has since disappeared. Either way, the now ever-more rumored tapered design akin to the iPad 2 seems to what Case-Mate is basing their case designs on, and it does appear noticeably wider.

Now this just could be Case-Mate reacting to the increasingly more frequent rumors of a wider and thinner iPhone 5, or they actually could have inside information. Personally, I’m hoping that either way, they’re right.

I’m no fan of the iPhone 4 design, and I remember in the days after that infamous Gizmodo leak saying “I hope this isn’t it.” But alas it was, despite my (and some others’) belief that this was way too utilitarian in design to come out of Apple. Thus, I’m happy to see Apple return to a sleeker design with the iPhone 5.

Either way Apple, could you hurry up? This iPhone 3GS is getting long in the tooth, and I’m getting impatient. If I have to wait any longer I may have to go to the dark side (Android, that is)! Perish the thought.


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Count Fontenblue Says:

    think twice before going to the "dark side"…aka Android. I ditched my iPhone a few months back for the much hyped Motorola Atrix and it's been a nightmare. it crashes multiple times every day, the touch screen response is terrible, and overall performs much slower than one would expect from a dual core Nvidia Tegra powered phone. take my advice….don't switch to Android. I'm anxiously awaiting the iPhone 5 release so I can ditch this worthless heap of hype

  2. Electric Kettles Says:

    Iphone did a great job. They are now going to make iphone 5. lets see how it will look !