First Kindle Fire Reviews: Promising But Rough

By  |  Monday, November 14, 2011 at 9:42 am

I haven’t tried Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet for myself yet, but the first reviews are out. For the most part, they’re neither raves nor pans–they praise the value provided for the $199 price and say the device is full of promise–but also point out that it has more than its share of meaningful rough spots. (The tone reminds me a bit of reviews of the original 2007 Kindle).


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  1. MJPollard Says:

    I’ll get a Kindle Fire once I hear that the CyanogenMod team is working on a ROM to turn it into a “true” Android tablet.

  2. The_Heraclitus Says:

    Not sure what the definition of a "true" Android tablet is. I'm guessing that it is subjective?

  3. MJPollard Says:

    In my view, a “true” Android tablet is one that has the complete Android interface with all its features (as far as the hardware allows) that lets you do anything you like, not one that has its features buried and restricted like the Kindle Fire’s default interface. In other words, turn a specific-purpose device into a general-purpose one. For $200 and a little time spent installing a new ROM, I’d be crazy to pass it up.