What We Now Know About Gogo

By  |  Tuesday, December 27, 2011 at 7:53 am

Gogo, the big name in in-flight Wi-Fi, is getting ready to go public. There are some fascinating facts in its paperwork, as reporred by SplatF’s Dan Frommer. (At least airplane Wi-Fi addicts like me will find them fascinating.)
One of them is potentially scary: Gogo says that as it gets more popular, maintaining the quality of the service may be challenging. (Ony 4 percent of the people on Gogo-equipped flights now use the service on average, and I usually find the speed and reliability to worth the dough.)

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  1. Tech Exec Says:

    Well, the VAST majority of seats have no power for devices. 1st things first…

  2. Marshall Goldberg Says:

    I would love to use Gogo more even without seat power. Unfortunately, the flight I take most often from Seattle to Boston and back travels over Canadian airspace where there is no service. If they can fix this problem, the service will be a lot more attractive to me.