TechReads for July 14, 2014

The password is dying. (Christopher Mims/WSJ)

And to prove it, Mims shares his own Twitter password (which is christophermims).

Technologizer TechReadsBringing back Prodigy. (Benj Edwards/The Atlantic)

One man wants to breathe new life into a very defunct online service.

Should Yahoo and AOL merge? Will They? (Kara Swisher/Re/code)

Maybe! Maybe not!

Does anyone want a smartwatch? (Kevin Roose/New York)

Still the most important question about the whole category.

Germany considers regulating Google like a utility. (Ingrid Lundgren/TechCrunch)

Um, fabulous idea.

Samsung figures out its smartphone future. (Brian X. Chen/NYTimes)

Squeezed by China on the low end, Apple on the high end.

Sapphire screens: both neat and impractical? (Brad Molen/Engadget)

The multiple challenges of a technology Apple is supposedly about to embrace.

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