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Mossberg Reviews Asus’s Convertible Tablet

Over at All Things D, Walt Mossberg has reviewed Asus’s Transformer Prime, an Android Honeycomb tablet that has an optional, attachable keyboard. He likes it, sort of–although he likes the iPad better, and has multiple reservations.As someone who likes to use an iPad as a PC, I’m intrigued by Asus’s convertible design. It’s designed for folks like me who like tablets but also like clicky QWERTY keyboards. But I’m also worried about Walt’s battery tests, which showed the Prime running for a little under seven hours on a charge, vs. a little over ten hours for the iPad. My single favorite thing about the iPad isn’t the size or the weight or the apps–it’s that Apple claims ten hours of battery life, and–in my experience–delivers it.
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All Things D: It’s Going to Be an iPhone October

Curious about when the next iPhone will come out? You can pretty much pick your month and find someone who says it’ll come out then–there’s probably somebody somewhere confidently reporting that a reliable source is saying the phone will come out in March, 2037. But All Things D’s John Paczkowski isn’t a guy who trades in rumors that are flimsy or just plain flim-flams. So when he says that the iPhone 5 will come out in October, I pay attention, at least.

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