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Coming February 9th: A New Amazon Kindle

Amazon KindleAmazon.com is holding a press conference at the Morgan Library in New York on February 9th–and the New York Times’ Brad Stone is reporting that it will serve as the launchpad for the second-generation version of the Kindle e-book reader. Brad also says that the new version will likely use the improved, zippier version of the e-ink technology that’s already in Sony’s newest Reader. If we’re lucky, it’ll also duplicate the Sony’s backlighting–I struggle with e-ink in poorly-lit environments–and perhaps its touchscreen.

I bought (and reviewed) the first Kindle the day it was launched, and remain a mostly happy user–especially on long plane trips–so I’m curious to see what Amazon’s second pass involves, and glad that the company seems to have a hit on its hands. I do have a theory though: We live in a color world, and monochrome display devices are inherently archaic and unsatisfactory. (Yes, I know e-ink uses dramatically less power than any color display technology, which is why you can leave a Kindle turned on for days without worrying about it losing its juice.)

I’ll really get excited when somebody releases an e-book reader that does color. Even if the battery life is less than awe-inspiring. You listening, Amazon? Apple? Anybody?