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Pixelmator's Million-Dollar Mac App Store Results

How well can a small software company do on Apple’s new Mac App Store? Very well indeed, if the results reported by the developers of Pixelmator, an image editor, are any indication.

They say that the app grossed a million dollars in sales in the App Store’s first twenty days. The program sells for $29.99 (a limited-time discount from the normal price of $59), so that’s more than 33,000 copies. The Pixelmator folks will net $700,000; Apple will keep $300,000 as its cut.

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The Mac App Store is Live

Apple’s Mac App Store has launched. (You’ll need to download OS X 10.6.6 to get it.) I wrote about it for Techland and will be back with more thoughts once I’ve had a chance to use it a bit. (First impression: “Wow, this really is virtually identical to the iOS App Store experience.”)