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MobileMe Refresh on the Way?

Apple’s cloud-based service MobileMe could be close to a redesign. Company watchers note the boxed version of the service sold through the Apple Store is no longer available, and AppleInsider sources report that the Apple SKUs (product codes) associated with the product have been marked “end of life” by the company.

Typically in the days before a refresh or discontinuation of a product, Apple will do what it has done here with MobileMe. Its hard to believe that the company would discontinue the product outright — the “cloud” is the buzzword in tech right now–although it could be in for some fairly significant changes.

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Find My iPhone Busts Burglars

A man in Shadyside, PA corralled some crooks using the Find My iPhone feature of his iPhone’s MobileMe account after he was robbed on Sunday. Local police worked with the man to make the arrests and recover his property.

Of course, the thieves simply could have turned off location tracking, or just shut the phone off. John Dillinger they were not.

I don’t pay for MobileMe, because I get most of its features for free through other services. Apple’s addition of Find My iPhone to the iPhone 3.0 software almost enticed me to pay for it, but MobileMe still wasn’t a good fit for me.

My main concern is losing my phone–whether it’s damaged, lost or stolen. It would be great if Apple could provide a product to fit that requirement. I’d be willing to pay for insurance, and for the Find My iPhone feature of MobileMe. I’m sure that I’m not the only one. How about it Apple?