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I’m Googlecentric. And That’s Okay

Over at BetaNews, Joe Wilcox is undertaking an interesting experiment: to the best of his ability, he’s going to stop using Google services and see whether it makes his life better or worse. He says that he was inspired by recent scuttlebutt about Google being a monopoly, but that he’s not anti-Google; he just wants to see what life without it is like.

Me, I don’t have any plans to abstain from Google. I don’t feel like the victim of a Google monopoly–there’s not a Google service I use that doesn’t have multiple worthy rivals, and for the most part, I don’t feel locked into Google services. If I want to go elsewhere I can–and often do.

Still, I was inspired by Joe’s exercise in Going Un-Google to do a personal inventory of the Google stuff I use, and just how much I use it.

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