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Contour's GPS-equipped Helmet Cam An Interesting Duo

Helmet cams are popular among the extreme sports set as a way to capture live action shots from the perspective of the athlete him/herself. Contour is one of several companies offering these cameras, and already had a $280 1080p HD model out for quite awhile now. However, in an effort to differentiate itself from the competition, Contour has added GPS to a new higher end model which was released earlier this month.

The ContourGPS works the same as its more basic brethren, however as it records the camera saves the cameras location with the video data. What results is a awesome mash-up of video and data that is sure to delight many. Now when your skiing buddy calls you a liar than you shredded 3,000 feet of vert like it was nothing, you can now prove it to him as the system will have recorded your location, speed and even elevation.

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Panasonic Shows Off First Consumer 3D Camcorder

3D is the latest fad in home entertainment it seems, and Panasonic kicked it up another notch Wednesday with the release of the first consumer 3D camcorder. The HDC-SDT750 will retail for $1,399 and would begin shipping in October of this year here in the states.

The HDC-SDT750 would include a special lens which would record video in 960 x 1080 resolution in versions for the left and right eye. This lens can then be detached to use the camcorder in standard HD, the company said.

Panasonic will ship video editing software with the device, which would allow the 3D video to be saved to DVD or Blu-ray. Users can also choose to play the video back straight from a camcorder on a compatible 3D HDTV via HDMI.

According to reports, for the 3D to work effectively with this camera, Panasonic says the subject would need to be with 1 to 3 meters of the camera. Thus essentially the 3D effect would probably only work for close-ups, rather than using it to film landscapes and the like. In other words, don’t expect to be the Ken Burns of 3D with this thing.

Either way, its somewhat exciting to see 3D becoming available to the consumer, even if it is rudimentary. I guess what remains to be seen is whether 3D itself is just a passing fad akin to other technologies (LaserDisc, anyone?).

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Older iPhones Get Video Recording With New App Store Adds

Recording video on your iPhone is no longer a luxury of just the folks with jailbroken phones or an iPhone 3GS. Apple has approved two separate apps this week in the App Store — Camcorder and iVideoCamera — both retailing for 99 cents. Unfortunately, there are memory considerations with these older models, so don’t expect much. Regardless, its a nice addition.

Camcorder (which is only available for a limited time at the 99 cent price) allows for the recording of videos at a 320×426 resolution. But don’t think of doing anything with these videos: currently Camcorder only allows for the recording and playback of the videos from within the application itself and nothing else. You can get to the videos somehow through peering through your iTunes data backups, but that takes some knowledge and patience.

Another downside according to TUAW are meager audio recording and a frame rate that is described as “slow.” Then again, how many cell phone videos have you seen that looked like they were shot with a Mini DV cam, so I do digress.

The second app, iVideoCamera, allows for more functionality on what you can do with your videos, however it comes with the tradeoff of even poorer recording quality and time constraints (160×213 resolution, 3 frames per second, and one minute maximum recordings). The ability is there though to save videos to the camera roll or share them to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. The company behind the application, Laan Labs, says improvements to frame rate and longer recording times will be coming in a future update.

I haven’t seen anything on whether recorded videos in the camera roll then become available to send as MMS. If anybody has tried this, I think our readers (and myself) would want to hear about it. Occasionally, I’ve gotten the urge to send a video to somebody, but since I only have a iPhone 3G that’s not possible at the moment directly through the phone.