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Sun Power

Last Gadget Standing Nominee: Dexim P-Flip Solar Power Pack
Price: $79.90

Solar powering your older iPhone has become fairly run-of-the-mill, but whither goest the iPhone 4? The P-Flip is the world’s first foldable, portable, rechargeable power dock for the iPhone 4. According to Dexim, it can extend talk time up to eight hours, video or game time up to 15 hours, or audio playing time up to 60 hours. The unique design is composed of two solar panels that convert the sun’s rays into juice for your iPhone, taking about 15 hours of exposure to natural sunlight for a full charge. But the two panels also serve as a foldable docking stand for hands free viewing. The Solar-Powered P-Flip is now available in the Dexim Amazon.com store for $79.90 and includes a charging cord, a screen protector, cleaning cloth, and a case.

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