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Why I Said No to Free, Off-the-Air HDTV

No doubt, watching a TV show or mobile in high definition is miraculous. The picture is sharper than sharp (so much so that like it or not, you can see the pores on an actor’s face).

I’m a DirecTV subscriber, but I’m too cheap to pay their extra fee for high definition service, so I decided to try an HDTV indoor antenna.

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DirecTV's Whole Home DVR Now Available ($3)

After several months of private testing, followed by an open beta, DirecTV has formally introduced their whole-home DVR service. As a fan of the ‘hub and spoke’ digital distribution model, the MoCA-based solution looks quiet compelling. Of course, DirecTV subscribers would need at least one HD DVR. But each additional room (up to 15!) can be outfitted with a less pricey HD receiver to schedule or view recordings from the primary DVR. Free would be nice, but you really can’t go wrong a low $3 monthly surcharge.

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Sirius XM Avoids Bankruptcy – Barely.

xmsiriusMel got his way, and kept EchoStar at bay (that unintentionally rhymed). Liberty Media, which owns and operates DirecTV, will invest $530 million in the troubled company in the form of several loans, including $250 million right away. That up front payment will help Sirius XM to pay off the $171.6 million of debt due today.

The rest of the funds would go towards funding the day to day operations of the company. The second phase of the loan would go to pay off debts owed by XM Radio, which has its own set of financial problems.

In return for the much needed infusion of cash, Libery Media would get seats on the board and enough stock to represent a 40% stake in the company. It also means that Karmazin has a much better chance of keeping his job.

“We are pleased to have come to this agreement with Liberty Media, particularly in light of today’s challenging credit markets. Liberty’s investment is an important validation of what SIRIUS XM has already achieved and a vote of confidence in what we will achieve,” he said in a statement announcing the deal.

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