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E-Ink Goes Color

E-Ink has announced its first color electronic-display technology. I love color as much as the next human being, but when I’ve used the Kindle and other E-Ink devices, I’ve only missed two colors: a really white white for the “paper,” and a really black black for the “ink.” It’s unclear to me whether the new Triton technology will help with either of these.

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Electronic Paper Gets Flexible

When I first saw E-Ink electronic paper more than a decade ago at MIT’s Media Lab, it was in the form of a big, ad banner that was as flexible as a piece of dead-tree paper. These days, E-Ink is pervasive–or at least as pervasive as e-readers such as Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook are–but so far, it’s always been enclosed in a rigid case.

But here are some fascinating photos of a 19-inch LG electronic paper display that looks like a floppy piece of newspaper. I’m not clear what an e-reading device based on this screen would look like–processors, memory, and batteries aren’t so flexible–but the idea of an electronic newspaper you can fold up is entertaining, at least. Even though I’m not sure offhand what the benefit would be.

So are you intrigued?