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Apple vs. Foursquare

Did Apple just take on Foursquare? It’s new Family and Friends app seems like it is. While it’s not “checking in,” it will allow iOS users to share their location at preset times. Could see this becoming a big hit for families on vacations…

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Facebook Testing Checkins for Events

Facebook is apparently set to expand what its users can check in to, testing out a new “check in” button for events that’s available to users of its iPhone/iPod Touch mobile website, according to AllFacebook.com. While the button is not visible to those using the app just yet, those visiting the Safari version should see it.

The social networking site hasn’t provided too much information other than that the functionality is in testing and that the company plans to include it in the next release of the iPhone app. It is not clear whether or not the button would also be included in the Android app as well, but I am betting it will.

Checking in has become a much more popular activity on Facebook, as the company steals more and more of Foursquare’s thunder In fact, there really isn’t much that Foursquare does when it comes to checking in that Facebook hasn’t added itself.

By adding the functionality to events, Facebook could help those promoting these events better gauge how well their promotions on Facebook work. We all know folks who mark themselves as “attending” but never show up. (Hey, it happened to me this weekend. )

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One Big Reason Why Facebook Places Beats Foursquare: Clarity of Identity

So Facebook has begun rolling out Places, its answer to Foursquare, Gowalla, MyTown, and every other mobile service that lets you broadcast your location by checking into local businesses and other locations. So far, I have only partial access: I can see friends who have checked in, but can’t check in myself.

Until now, the location service I’ve used most often has been Foursquare. I have fun with it. But I’ve also found it frustrating in one major way which I believe Places will address–it’s often unclear just who people on Foursquare are.

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