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Glympse Lets You Share Your Location on Facebook

Glympse is a clever app for iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile that lets you temporarily share your location via dynamically-updated maps that show where you are–but only for as long as you want them to. Until now, the obvious application for the services has been to alert family members, friends, and coworkers to your whereabouts–maybe because you’re on your way to meet them somewhere and might be late.

Now Glympse has added a nifty bit of Facebook Connect integration that lets you embed a Glympse map in your Facebook wall. You can choose to make it either a one-time indication of your location–which Glympse describes as being similar to a Foursquare check-in, although it seems only vaguely related to me–or an auto-updating map that shows your travels for up to four hours. (That restriction is in place so you don’t forget and let Glympse reveal your wanderings to the world without your knowledge.)

The Facebook integration makes Glympses a bit more public, and therefore a fun way to share vacations or other interesting travel. But I like the granularity of the control Glympse gives you: When you set up Facebook on your phone, you can set your Glympses to be shared with just friends, friends of friends, everyone, or several other settings–including “Just Myself.”

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Let Folks Glympse Your Location

Glympse LogoHow many times in your life have you called someone to tell him or her where you were–or to admit that you had no idea where you were? If your sense of direction is as lousy as mine, the answer is “lots.” Glympse, a free new application for GPS-enabled smartphones launched this week at the Where 2.0 conference in San Jose, aims to provide a simpler way to clue people into your location than craning your neck for street signs or local landmarks while you’re on the phone.

Conceptually, Glympse couldn’t be much simpler: The app locates you on a map, then lets you send a message via SMS or e-mail to anyone in your address book, with a brief customizable note from you and a link to an online map showing where the heck you are. You can optionally also mark your destination on the map.

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