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Snow Leopard and Gears: The Possible Dream!

I keep blogging about Google Gears and Snow Leopard, and I’m doing so once again, but this time with good news: A Google representative just pinged me to say that it turns out that the incompatibility between Gears and Snow Leopard isn’t due to any fundamental incompatibility. It stems from a good old-fashioned bug. Which Google is in the process of fixing.

Gears still doesn’t work in Safari under Snow Leopard, and Chrome for OS X lacks the built-in Gears that’s one of the benefit of Chrome for Windows. And the future of Gears is still murky at best. But if you use Snow Leopard and Firefox, you should be able to get access to Gmail’s offline features and other Gears-enabled offline tools in Google Docs, Zoho, Remember the Milk, and other services. Soon, I hope.