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Google Images Gets Sorting

Google has a new feature that looks promising for Google Images junkies like yours truly: the ability to sort results by subject. (It’s not live for me yet, though.) Here’s a video it produced explaining the new feature.

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Google Images Improves Its Image

At a press event at its San Francisco offices this morning, Google unveiled a new version of Google Images, with the biggest revision the company has given the image search engine’s interface in a very long time. (Google Images launched in 2001 with an index of 250 million images; today it’s got 10 billion of ’em.)

The new look is a lot more modern and, well…visual than the old one. Here are the highlights:

Bigger pictures, fewer words. Results pages are now all about the images–the thumbnails are bigger, and most of the textual information–such as the link to similar images–isn’t there. (If you hover over an image, you get the information which formerly appeared on the standard results page.)

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