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Sega Gets Hacked; Game Companies Aren’t Getting the Hint

Sega’s best customers — the ones who’ve signed up to receive information about the company’s products  — are now the victims of yet another attack on a game publisher.

The hack affects nearly 1.3 million people, whose names, e-mails, dates of birth and encrypted passwords were stolen, Sega says, but no payment information was compromised. Sega has taken its Sega Pass system offline for now, has reset all passwords and is warning users to change their login information at any site where they use the same username and password — in other words, the usual precautions.

Unfortunately, Sega is not the first company to succumb to hackers, and I’m not just referring to the attacks on Sony that collapsed the Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment in April. So far this month, at least a half dozen game publishers have been attacked, and five of those incidents resulted in stolen user information.

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Sony Issues Ultimatum to PS3 Hackers

Sony is threatening the nuclear option to deal with Playstation 3 hacking.

In a statement on the Playstation Blog, Sony says consumers should immediately remove all unauthorized or pirated software from their consoles. Otherwise, they’ll be permanently banned from the Playstation Network and from Qriocity services.

Sony hadn’t previously wielded the banhammer against jailbroken PS3s, but now the gloves have come off. I’m already seeing some reports of bans on PS3 hacker blogs.

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