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Are Tablets Too Fancy and Expensive?

Hardware maker Hannspree is best known–in the United States, at least–for idiosyncratic products such as TV sets shaped like fruit and zoo animals. But it makes some more straightforward stuff, too, including Android tablets. So far, its tablets, which aren’t sold in the US, have run Android 2.2–a fact that I instinctively want to squawk about, since that aging smartphone OS was never designed for large-screen devices. But I’m attending the IFA Global Press Conference in Spain, a preview event for September’s IFA consumer electronics megaevent in Berlin, and a Hannspree executive explained in an unusually straightforward and illuminating fashion why it’s using an old version of Android.

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Apple TV Sets: They're Here!

You know that venerable rumor about Apple TV sets? Well, they’re here at  the IFA tech show in Berlin. Sort of. What I’m trying to say is that I came across these flatscreens in one booth.

Of course, this particular Apple TV is from weirdly-shaped TV specialist Hannspree, and it’s actually one of the company’s less eccentric models.

I assume Apple can’t prevent Hannspree from selling an apple-shaped TV, but I do wonder about the Apple-ish logo on the larger model. Do Steve Jobs’s trademark attorneys know about this?