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IoSafe's Drives: The Torture Tests Continue

IoSafe, which makes disaster-proofed storage devices, may not have the biggest booth at CES–or, come to think of it, any booth at all–but it consistently comes up with unique, memorable demos of its products. Last year it set fire to a drive, drowned it, then drove over it with a steamshovel. This year, it took one of its new Rugged Portable drives–available with both aluminum and titanium cases–and dunked it in a fish tank, squeezed it a vice, and then turned it into a shooting-range target. And after a few minutes’ work with a screwdriver–the external USB connector had been damaged–all the data on the SSD inside was proven to be safe and sound.

I’m not sure what the company has planned for CES 2012, but I wonder if it would be okay to drop a drive from the top of the Stratosphere?

Photos after the jump (that’s IoSafe founder Robb Moore doing most of the damage, and me turning the screw on the vice).

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ioSafe’s Solo SSD Survives One Disaster After Another

The most spectacular demo I’ve attended at CES this year–or, maybe, any year–didn’t involve 3D glasses or showgirls or a guest celeb such as Lady Gaga (who showed up at both the Monster Cable and Polaroid booths on Thursday). Actually, it was held in the chilly early evening at the parking lot of a sports bar off the strip, by ioSafe, a maker of rugged disk drives designed to protect essential data from fire, floods, and other disasters.

The product being demoed: The company’s new Solo SSD, its first drive incorporating a solid-state disk rather than a traditional rotating one. To show how disaster-proof it is, ioSafe subjected it to an extended physical assault that might have freaked out even David Blaine.

After the jump, the demo in photos. Warning: It isn’t pretty….

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