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Navigon Navigation Comes to the iPhone

NavigonOne by one, the big names in GPS navigation are landing on the iPhone, thanks to iPhone OS 3.0’s support for turn-by-turn directions. Last month, AT&T released a navigation service powered by TeleNav. And today, Germany’s Navigon announced that the North America. version of its MobileNavigator is available on Apple’s App Store.

AT&T’s Navigator costs $10 a month and downloads maps as needed; MobileNavigator is selling for a flat cost of $99.99 ($69.99 until August 15th) and comes with a full set of maps. I haven’t tried it yet, but the idea of paying once for unlimited use is mighty appealing.

TomTom’s iPhone app is the most eagerly-anticipated GPS system for the iPhone–in part because it’s the one that was demonstrated at Apple’s WWDC keynote–and you might want to wait until it’s available before you plunk down your money for any GPS software. But one way or another, I’ll bet that lots of iPhone owners end up letting their phones tell them how to drive.

Here’s a video demo from Navigon: