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Glide: An Amazing (and Sometimes Amazingly Confusing) Web Megasuite

Four years ago, I used my PC World blog to write about Glide, a “Web OS” that I said might be the most ambitious new service of 2005. Glide was trying to move much of a typical user’s computing experience from the PC to the cloud–even though the idea was so new at the time that almost nobody was talking about cloud computing yet. I said that the service was promising, but rough around the edges and frequently confusing. While Glide hasn’t ever become one of the Web’s household names, it’s continued on, adding gazillions of new features and repeatedly reworking its user interface. So I’m overdue for another look.

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A Very, Very, Very Early Look at Office 14

Microsoft OfficeWe still don’t know much about Microsoft Office 14 except that Microsoft has begun to give an early version to developers and that it will involve simple Web-based versions of its core apps. But Neowin has what seem to be leaked screen shots that give a sneak peek at the suite’s look and feel as it stands right now. Don’t expect to figure out much from them, though–there are some minor changes to the icons, but nothing that reveals any earthshaking changes, if such changes are indeed in there somewhere. We may need to wait until Microsoft has its say before we get much of a picture of what to expect–and when to expect it…

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