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Resolved: Humans Are Good at Editing Stuff

techmemelogoTechmeme, the news aggregation site that specializes in tech coverage, has a peculiar relationship with those of us who cover tech. Many of us sing its praises. Some of us say it’s a waste of time. None of us can claim to be utterly objective about it, since it either links to our stuff (in which case we receive traffic from it) or it doesn’t (in which case we may be bitter about our absence). Whatever Techmeme is, it’s impossible to ignore–the act of saying you’re going to ignore Techmeme is in itself a confirmation of its importance.

Me, I’m a fan–the site’s algorithm does a remarkably fast, effective job of figuring out what’s newsworthy in tech news and pulling together stories about it in real time. Techmeme isn’t perfect, but it comes closer to perfection than any other tech aggregator I know of, including the surprisingly slow and lumbering Sci/Tech section of Google News. Which is particularly impressive considering that Techmeme is the brainchild of one clever guy, Gabe Rivera.

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