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What Technologizer Readers Dreamed of This Year

whaddaya1What tech-related stuff would you like to receive this holiday season? Earlier this month, we posed that question to the Technologizer community, and were deluged with nominations. We hope that some of you actually got the items you were dreaming of–and we’ve compiled a slideshow of some of the products that folks mentioned, with comments from the community members who nominated them. It’s a diverse and interesting list, with at least one or two products that I’m 100% positive aren’t in any other Web site’s gift guide for 2008.

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Whaddaya Want? The Technologizer Wish List

Technologizer's Whaddaya Want

Earlier this month, we asked for nominations for a Technologizer community wish list for 2008. We got scads of them–and this slideshow consists of some of the highlights, with comments by readers who submitted each item. There’s a lot of stuff here, from brand-new gizmos to products which have been obsolete–in theory–for years. Thanks to everyone who contributed–and congratulations to Josh Rose, who won our OLPC XO laptop giveaway.