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Uber Rides Into Seattle

Back in April I told you about Uber–the luxury transportation service that got its start in San Francisco–appearing in New York City. Well, the company is expanding again, this time into Seattle. As in the Big Apple, test cars are limited, and they’re not ready for prime time just yet. In other words, be a little patient.

Here’s how it works: your reservation for a car is placed through Uber’s iPhone app. You’ll then receive a text message when the Uber is expected to arrive, and when it is about to arrive at your location. No money exchanges hands because the payment (with tip included) is done via credit card stored with Uber. Fast and easy.

I can tell you from personal experience during CE Week back in June that the service is nice. In addition to the text, I received calls from the driver confirming my location on his way there, as well as also letting me know he was there in case I might have missed the text message. Pretty good customer service!

I was happy to share the ride with Mrs. McCracken herself (aka Marie Domingo) and we were both impressed with the ride. Yes, it’s more expensive than a cab. But sometimes you’ve got to step it up, you know?

The company is staying pretty tight lipped about its future expansion plans, but it’s obviously taking its time in expanding. If I could make a suggestion, I’d love to see Ubers in Philadelphia (hint, hint).


Uber, The Luxury Transportation Service, Now in NYC

Want to feel like a rockstar, with your own private car to whisk you from destination to destination across the Big Apple? San Francisco-based Uber is making a push into New York City following a successful launch in its home city last fall. The concept is simple: all reservations are done through the company’s mobile applications or via text message, and professional drivers will pick you up in a luxury sedan in “about 5-10 minutes.”

Obviously, this service costs more than your average taxi. The base fare is $8.00, with a $4.90 charge per mile, and $1.25 per minute idle charge. The minimum fare is $15.00, but no tip is necessary as Uber has included it in the fare. For a private service that seems all but one step below a limo, I guess that’s not too bad.

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