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Windows Phone 7.5? Nah, Just “Windows Phone”

Chris Ziegler at This is My Next has a post up about potential “Windows Phone 7.5” branding for Microsoft’s big mobile software update this fall. This is based on a section of the Microsoft Partner Network website, which at one point said “Preview the new Windows Phone OS 7.5.”

Ziegler thinks “7.5” could be Microsoft’s way of marketing updated software to consumers, but I disagree for one reason: Microsoft stopped using numbers in its branding a long time ago. “Windows Phone 7” is a term we techies use, and it’s presumably what Microsoft uses internally, but ever since the first smartphones launched in October 2010, it’s been “Windows Phone,” pure and simple. The proof is in the very first TV ad campaign, and in Microsoft’s own website.

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Windows Phone 7 Likes Your 3G a Bit Too Much

Reports across the Web are surfacing that Microsoft has a serious problem with Windows Phone 7 that may become very expensive for some: the OS seems to use an awful lot of cellular bandwidth, even when idle. This means those with smaller data plans may find themselves in for a shock when their bill arrives.

One user wrote into Paul Thurrott’s WinSuperSite telling he had to put the phone into airplane mode because he was near his 2GB data limit, and copious amounts of data were being used even when idle. Thurrott himself replied that he had noticed increases of data usage.

What’s happening here is that even when on a Wi-Fi network — for whatever reason — the phone is still using 3G for data. Its unclear what applications (if not the entire phone) is doing this, but its a serious and common problem apparently that Microsoft has yet to confirm.

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What Kinect and Windows Phone 7 Have in Common

From the Kinect reviews I’ve read so far, there seems to be consensus on one thing: Microsoft’s Xbox 360 motion controller is a neat idea with flawed execution.

Although the technology is undeniably cool — Kinect detects your movement head-to-toe with a camera and responds to voice commands — the software is inconsistent, and unless you’ve got a large living room with even lighting and few no major obstructions, the hardware won’t work perfectly. There’s also a little bit of lag.

Kinect draws a parallel in my mind to Windows Phone 7. Microsoft’s new mobile platform lays a strong foundation — the tile menu is a fresh approach to smartphone interfaces, and the overall feel is like butter — but app selection is a concern, and the OS is held back by missing features and the occasional puzzling design choice.

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Microsoft Begins Windows Phone 7 Ad Push

Microsoft is beginning its advertising push for Windows Phone 7, and its first ad conjures up imagery of Lawrence of Arabia (heck, it WAS shown before a screening of the flick in London so take it as you will). As the phone appears out of the haze of the desert, a message appears in an Arabic-looking font stating “The Revolution is Coming.”

What do you think of this first ad for WP7? Feeling hyped about this yet?