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ZoneAlarm’s DataLock: BitLocker for the Rest of Us

If you’re supercautious about protecting your PC’s data from prying eyes–especially when it comes to a laptop that might get lost–you could use Windows 7’s BitLocker disk encryption to secure every last file. But BitLocker only comes with Windows’ two priciest versions, Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate. Encryption, Microsoft clearly thinks, is of interest mostly to big-business types and hardcore users.

Enter DataLock, a new utility from Check Point Software’s ZoneAlarm division. Like Bit-Locker, it does full-drive encryption–the whole thing gets locked up, and you have to enter a password before the boot process starts to get access to Windows and your data. Unlike BitLocker, DataLock is aimed at consumers and small businesses, with a price to match: $19.95 (an introductory price–list is $29.95). And just in case you encrypt your drive and then forget the password–hey, I’ll bet it’s been know to happen–the software comes with a phone-based password recovery service that’s available 24/7.

DataLock was announced this week at the RSA security conference in San Francisco, and is available now as a download from ZoneAlarm’s site.

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Security for Less!

ZoneAlarm Internet Security SuiteEconomic meltdown does have its downsides, but here’s one plus: massive discounts by companies hoping to attract a little attention in dire times. Check Point, the company behind the ZoneAlarm line of security software, is planning a one-day sale on its ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. The firewall/antivirus/antispyware package, which normally sells for $49.95, will sell for $9.95–but only for 24 hours starting next Tuesday, April 14th, at 6am PT. Check Point says it’ll donate 50% of profits to tech nonprofit TechSoup, and that the whole stunt is timed to tie in with Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday.

If you’ve got one or more Windows PCs and aren’t running current security software, it’s a deal.