The Joy of WordCamp

By  |  Saturday, August 16, 2008 at 3:14 pm

As I’ve mentioned before, Technologizer runs on the wonderful WordPress blogging platform. One of the things that makes WordPress wonderful is WordCamp, a series of conferences in which WordPress users get together to share tips, opinions, and passion. I’m spending today at WordCamp in San Francisco; it would be a pretty spectacular conference at any price, but is downright amazing for the price they charge, which is…twenty bucks. Including a day of events, a cocktail party, a T-shirt, and–most of all–the collective wisdom of several hundred WordPress users.

Upcoming WordCamps are planned for Cape Town, Manila, Portland, Beijing, Honolulu, Sydney, and a lot of other places–and that’s just for the rest of 2008. If I had enough time and money, I’m sure I’d enjoy attending them all.

If you’re looking to start a blog with a minimum of fuss, I heartily recommend…and if you’re a WordPress user who lives anywhere near a WordCamp, please go. You’ll have a blast and come away smarter, if my experience is any evidence…


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  1. Andrew Mager Says:

    Great post. I love WordPress. I think I have like 20 active installs right now, hundreds of plugins. It’s highly customizable and actually taught me PHP.

    Can’t wait to play around with Technologizer 🙂

  2. Oatsy Says:

    I think for those of us far away from word camp and who love the idea of learning more it would be need to see some video from word camp sessions.

  3. kashicat Says:

    And I want one in Toronto! Is there one??

  4. creeping Says:

    How/where does one learn about the “open source” nature of WordPress? If you have an idea is the option to develop a plugin?

  5. Lloyd Budd Says:

    kishicat, lists a Toronto event October 4th – 5th, 2008,

  6. kashicat Says:

    Thanks so much, Lloyd, I really appreciate the info!

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