A Twitter Account for Kevin Rose’s Cold? Are You Serious?

By  |  Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 2:51 pm

Okay, Web 2.0 has officially jumped the shark with this one. For reasons unknown, Digg founder Kevin Rose has decided to create a twitter account for the cold he has apparently caught. I’m not exactly sure why I’d care to know the latest goings-on about Mr. Rose’s mucus buildup or his aches and pains, but they’ll be listed for all the world to see.

I wouldn’t have covered this if it weren’t for the 771 users who have decided to follow this, which absolutely just blows my mind. Yes, I guess its funny for a moment — but should we really waste Twitter’s bandwidth for some mindless drivel?

kevinscoldGod knows Twitter can’t stay up, so why add more traffic that really is not going to better the lives of the web community at large. Oh wait, it may be good for the employees who work at Digg HQ, who now know not to come within 500 feet of their fearless leader for fear of catching whatever nasty bug Kevin has.

(I wonder, will their afflicitions create Twitter accounts too? Maybe this is a new strain of Web-aware viruses! Doctors would just need to @reply them to figure out how to best treat the afflicted. Talk about a superbug!)

Maybe I’m just failing to see the humor in it here, but come on now.

Here’s another one for somebody’s iPhone. This one is even more popular! 2,270 followers to learn where and what Justine’s iPhone is doing. Who the heck is Justine? And why do I care what her phone is doing? Good lord.

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