T-Poll: Apple’s Macworld Expo Exodus

By  |  Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 7:24 pm

tpoll1So  Steve Jobs is skipping Macworld Expo this year, and the rest of Apple will skedaddle in 2010. You can argue that that’s bad for Apple fans–my friend Jason Snell, editorial director of Macworld (which is a surprisingly distant arm of IDG from the Expo that shares its name) does so cogently here. But there are others who are agreeing with Apple’s apparent stance that its customers might as well just head to an Apple Store. I see no consensus as of yet on the fallout from the pullout.

What say you? Time for a quick T-Poll…


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  1. DTNick Says:

    I can only hope that some sort of Mac user event continues…

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