Technologizer Predictions: What Could Be in 2009

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Technologizer PredictionsBack on December 31st, I asked the Technologizer community to make technology-related predictions for the year ahead. You made scads of them–from ones that seem like sure bets for 2009 to ones that might never come to be. Highlights follow after the jump–thanks to everyone who contributed. Once 2010 rolls around, let’s rate the accuracy of these predictions, then start prognosticating all over again. 

Oh, and we have a winner for the Seagate FreeAgent XTreme external desktop hard drive I promised to give away in a random drawing. It goes to Dave Moyer–congratulations!

Digital Entertainment

“I think what’s going to be the big news story of 2009 is the further personalization of entertainment. Apple has been on the cutting edge of this with such items as the iPod and iTunes, but I seea dark horse coming up that is going to change the game. But mass-communication as we know it is going to begin a steady decline, with people preferring to listen to their own portable video and audio libraries, on their own schedule and terms, and eschewing the old model of “I must be home at 9 pm to watch Desperate Housewives”. Broadcast television, which is already slated to go all-digital in February, is going to soon become as quaint as 78 rpm records.”–Dave Mackey

“Blockbuster will finally declare bankruptcy after admitting defeat to competing internet download and cable on-demand movie services.”–Scott Olson

“The TV-room finally gets an all-in-one product that will enable viewers to surf the internet, watch the internet (videos and movies) and share their home media to the other folks on the couches. The essential difference this product has over the other contendors is that it seamlessly fits into the existing computing environment in homes. No clunky and manual file transfers between devices, cable disconnects and re-connects, etc.”–Niraj Shah

“Blu-Ray discs will be the last successful generation of optical discs, as digital distribution through ubiquitous broadband becomes viable.”–Simon Goldring

“Blu-ray will go mainstream. Prices will go into the sub-$150 range for players, and movies will come down in price to match those of DVDs.”–The Human Yawn

“The lawsuit against Real over RealDVD will be shot down because it holds no ground (and I can finally download it); Real countersues because of lost revenue”–The Human Yawn

“LCD TV’s will get much cheaper–20-30% drop–which will force plasma to take note and follow suit.”–Jeff Shuey

“Digital TV transition will be smooth for all but about 7% of population.”–Sam Kennedy

Gadgets and Gizmos

“Cameras will become “self-aware” and recognize networks AND will make recommendations to ‘connect’ and share pics/videos.”–Jeff Shuey

“Yes, the “Dick Tracy” wrist communicator is just around the corner for the masses. No, it’s not your grandfather’s LCD. watch/calculator–it’s a PDA, mobile-phone and bio monitor device all in one sleek package.”–Jose Almodovar

“I predict that we’ll geta new Kindle from Amazon capable of color graphics. In conjunction with the release of the new Kindle, one of the major comics companies–probably Marvel Comics–will start releasing content for the device. Marvel already hasa digital comics initiative, so that makes the most sense.”–Ray Cornwall


“Microsoft will continue to flog the hell out of Windows Vista without actually mentioning the name of the product in television ads.”–Dave Mackey

“What I’ve seen so far of Windows 7 is promising and I think many people really really want it to succeed. My realprediction is the Microsoft will actually price Windows 7 so that people might actually buy it instead of trying to geta copy from their friend. When Vista first came out Bill Gates said it would be ‘less thana hundred dollars’. That was the price for Vista Basic which was useless anda downgrade from Windows XP. Expect fewer versions of Windows 7 to be available to ease the confusion.”–Bill Pytlovany

“Windows 7 releases ina single version format, early and to high praise…for $199.”–Scott Bartley

“Windows XP will limp along until Windows 7 is released. I think around 6 months toa year after the Windows 7 release.”–Mike Lopez

“Windows 7 will fail to excite, but meet modest market success as a (late) market replacement for Vista. Microsoft continue to remain a powerhouse in the enterprise but increasingly less relevant in consumer markets.”–D.R. Gardner

“As we all know, Microsoft will likely release Windows 7. I expect it will be their best Windows version and will be secure, reliable and compatible in every way. However, despite it’s dependability, the perceptions of Windows Vista will carry over and will adversely impact sales. This perception will force Microsoft into selling Windows 7 upgrades at a very low price to increase sales. Perhaps sub $50. My guess $29.99 for the Home Premium or equivalent.”–Jim Bednarz

“Vista will rapidly become the latest Windows ME as Windows 7 becomes more recognized as the leap forward that Microsoft was originally promising with Longhorn. Enterprises will rejoice.”–Dave McCall


“Late in the year, Apple will havea new product in response to the emerging Netbook category. Essentially, it will bea MacBook nano — small, lightweight and very polished.”–Niraj Shah

“Being relatively anti-Apple, this isn’t good news for me, because this will bea killer product. Really.A TV which looks great, hasa very intuitive interface anda remote that you will want to have on your TV table and which lastly lets you rent/buy movies and TV shows. Wow. Get the Apple stock before this one is announced.”–Lars Henriksen

“I predict we won’t see an iPhone Nano.”–Lacy Kemp

“Apple willmakea huge push into the enterprise. They’ll target everything from SOHO to small business to the largest enterprises. The remote wipe feature we saw in the iPhone was just the beginning.”–Bob Van Valzah

“Apple will merge the MacMini and ApplecTV to createa more powerful market competitor in an effort to maintain and grow market share in home entertainment.”–D.R. Gardner

“After flirting with Microsoft, Adobe will be swallowed up by Apple. These moves will cause the same consternation as the Microsoft-Yahoo proposed merger the year before. Microsoft will make a grand overture to take over Adobe, but the EU will demonstrate its disapproval, causing Microsoft to drop out. Adobe stock suffers in the aftermath, and with no new products to introduce in 2009 comes to the verge of bankruptcy before being saved by cash-rich Apple. In order to get EU and U.S. government approval, Apple agrees to continue making identical Adobe products for the Mac and Windows, as well as Linux–Andre Hinds

“Apple’s market share will grow considerably. Apple will ship Snow Leopard and it will sell well. No new devices, but possibly some updated hardware (most likely the Mac mini). At least one record label will go DRM-free in iTunes.”–The Human Yawn

“Steve Jobs will be leaving Apple, or at least stepping down in some way, shape or form. While it saddens me to say it, I think that that time’s almost here.”–Dave Moyer

“Apple will announce in 2009 that Steve Jobs is stepping down as CEO in 2010.”–Bill Baker

“Steve Jobs will retire or take on a less significant role by the end of 2009.”–Jason Power



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4 Comments For This Post

  1. stoperror Says:

    “Windows 7 will fail to excite, but meet modest market success as a (late) market replacement for Vista. Microsoft continue to remain a powerhouse in the enterprise but increasingly less relevant in consumer markets.”–D.R. Gardner

    I’d have to agree with that to some extent. XP is high ground. A ground in which to topple it, you’d have to do something pretty darn amazing. With Vista, we didn’t get that. We got another ME. With 7, I feel we might get that. But then again, we might not. Some features that were taken out of 7 (most noticable the lack of the classic start menu) are critical to me. I prefer the classic start menu. Be it on 95 or Vista. Again, it might do the EXACT opposite. Remain a powerhouse to the consumer, but become less relevant to the enterprise. Only time can tell.

  2. Relyt Says:

    Harry, you have to admit you liked my predictions. Just vague fragments like “new mac mini” and “vista will bomb” (Ok, I don’t think I mentioned that last one but still…)

  3. Daryl Winkerbean Says:

    See that long key on the bottom of your keyboard, there? It’s called a space bar. You should learn to use that more consistently.

    Spell check wouldn’t kill you, either.

    It’s difficult to take something seriously that looks like it was written by an 11 year old.

  4. Charles Forsythe Says:

    2009 is the year Linux takes over the desktop!

    (Repeat annually)

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