The $99 iPhone Arrives. For Certain Folks, Anyhow. And Only Until Saturday.

By  |  Monday, February 23, 2009 at 12:53 am

bestbuylogoEvery time I buy anything at Best Buy, the cashier asks if I’m a Reward Zone member. And every time, I say no. (If I added any more cards to my wallet, it would burst.) But here’s a benefit of Reward Zone that, for some folks, is pretty compelling: Members can save up to $100 on an iPhone until next Saturday. There are a number of limitations–most notably that you need to belong already, so you can’t join to get the discount–but if you’re a Reward Zone Silver member, buy the 8GB iPhone, and sign up for a new AT&T 2-year contract, you can get the seemingly mythical $99 iPhone.

Considering that discounts of any sort on iPhones are hard to come by, that’s impressive–even considering that my advice for most would-be iPhone buyers right now is “Wait until June or so if possible–there’s a good chance that Apple will release a meaningfully better model by then…”


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  1. IT Support Services Says:

    I have participated in the Reward Zone program for a couple of years…..Overtime, the points add up and can result in pretty good sized rebates–especially if you use this program to procure business related items.

  2. sfmitch Says:

    Reward Zone is great.

    1. You don’t need to carry a card with you (in fact, I have never met a rewards program that required the card (airlines, grocery stores, office supply stores, etc.)

    2. Best Buy mails you extra coupons for 12% off any item occasionally

    3. The rewards are real and they can be spectacular : I currently have $150 in rewards waiting to be spent.

    4. It’s easy