Coming This Summer: iPhone Video Capture?

By  |  Tuesday, April 7, 2009 at 11:23 am

Apple may have said that its iPhone 3.0 software includes more than a hundred news features at its press event last month, but it didn’t say anything about letting its phones capture video. But MacRumors has published an image of what it says is an iPhone 3.0 beta camera application that can capture both still images and video. The alleged spy shot comes on the heels of a bunch of rumors relating to new iPhones with better, higher-megapixel cameras being in the works.

I’m not going to accept anything about next-generation iPhones as gospel until an Apple exec strides on stage and announces it, but video certainly falls into the “that sounds logical” rumor bucket. My big question, however, is this: Will Apple unlock video capability in existing iPhones, or just in ones with snazzier cameras? Companies such as Qik have proved that there are no technical limitations that prevent iPhones from capturing video (albeit choppy, fuzzy video)…


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  1. virtual receptionist Says:

    It is amazing that for all the great bits of iphone the camera function remains pretty crappy

  2. Virtual Receptionist Says:

    Yeh that benefit for new customer with extra feature, have new era mobile