Want MMS, Tethering? Wait if You Have AT&T

By  |  Monday, June 8, 2009 at 11:07 am

Yep, once again AT&T has shafted the iPhone public. While 29 carriers will support MMS at launch, if you download iPhone OS 3.0 you’ll wait until “later this summer” for it. Oh and tethering, which Apple is now mandating that all carriers support? 22 at launch, AT&T is again not one of them (at least not on the list shown at WWDC).

It’s making more and more sense why we’re hearing Apple may be ready to broaden the iPhone’s reach in the US, no?

Note: We have a request out for comment with AT&T. I will report back with what they share.

Update (11:30am PT): Mark Siegel, AT&T spokesperson: “We won’t be commenting until after the event is done.”


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  1. Josh Powell Says:

    Forcing users to pay for tethering is unrealistic. It’s no longer something users should have to pay for, as it is a simple software program. If anything, a one time payment of $20 should be all that is necessary to purchase the tethering program. Tethering is a nice to have that I do not need, force me to pay monthly for it and I will just go without, but let me do it for free or a one time fee and I’ll be an even happier customer.

  2. Simon Says:

    Well…if AT&T doesn’t have it yet but will support it for an additional cost, times that cost by 2 and divide the quality of service by 2, which is equal to the iPhone experience on Rogers in Canada