ABC Does Hulu, I’m Still Passing.

By  |  Monday, July 6, 2009 at 10:40 am

abc_logo_2.jpgABC is now officially a Hulu partner, as the network began adding its content to the service. Its hit show Grey’s Anatomy would be the first to be added to the YouTube rival with five episodes. The addition should be no surprise — the two sides announced a deal back in April as we reported here.

It only leaves CBS as the odd major network out here — and we know from the tiff that its likely you won’t be seeing Big Brother or CSI anytime soon.

According to a blog post on Hulu’s site, additional content is planned to be added each weekday during the summer. A calendar shows the new content (which today is Grey’s), although it doesn’t give a preview of what’s coming. I’d imagine the next few weeks will be filled with ABC content, including episodes of fellow ABC hits Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives and the like.

As I’ve said many times before, I have no intention of using Hulu because of their content usage policies. Once they change, I may consider using the site. Anyone else living life Hulu-free?



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  1. Simon Says:

    I am…due to the fact that I live in Canada

  2. sfmitch Says:

    I have no use for Hulu.

    I get my TV in High Definition via Cable DVR. More choices, higher quality, full choice as to what to watch, fast forward, etc.

  3. Arvin Says:

    I agree that Hulu’s restrictions are hard to bare with, but I’m still an avid Hulu user. They are what TV should be, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have much bigger plans for the future… That said, I think the real enemies are the networks.

  4. Marc Says:

    I kind of like Hulu. I have no time to watch TV during the networks schedule and short of using a DVR (Which I don’t), this is the easiest way to watch on my schedule. There are restrictions in everything we do nowadays. Hulu is no better or worse then any of the others. Now, if they start charging for the thing, that most certainly will change things a bit.

  5. JDoors Says:

    I don’t “use” Hulu as much as resort to it when I’m done surfin’, have nothing better to do, and can find something worthwhile to watch. So, rarely.

    Is anyone really satisfied with the picture quality of online streaming content? Digital broadcast TV looks better IMO. It may not be “on-demand,” but crappy-looking on-demand is still crap. I don’t get it.

  6. JDoors Says:

    Forgot to mention: ABC is not a “draw” for me. All the self-promotion they do (really, it’s RELENTLESS) is far more annoying than any entertainment value their content may have.

  7. wizarddrummer Says:

    HATE Hulu! With a vengeance!

    IF and I mean it’s a big IF… I was a postal worker (which I am not) Julu (spanish pronunciation) would be in BIG trouble!