To the Moon With Google

By  |  Monday, July 20, 2009 at 9:39 am

Google Earth LogoGoogle is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 in the most logical way possible: It’s added the moon to Google Earth in much the same way it took us to Mars a few months ago. You can now circle the moon and explore its geography and landmarks, take a couple of tours (including one narrated by Jack Schmitt, the last man to set foot on the moon), and view videos and high-resolution photos. As a technological feat, it’s not as amazing as getting to the moon with the help of computers as they existed in 1969, but it’s an impressive and fun addition to one of Google’s most impressive, fun products.

Google Moon



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  1. Tech Says:

    Earth has been conquered by Google. Now it’s time for the moon.

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