What’s the Future of the BlackBerry?

By  |  Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 11:42 am

RIM BlackBerry PatentBlackBerry maker RIM is a remarkably successful maker of handheld devices and has been so for a very long time–but it doesn’t get a fraction of the press given to that phone-industry upstart Apple. Today, however, RIM is the subject of multiple upbeat stories. An analyst says it and Apple will lead the smartphone market. Fortune has a long and largely positive feature on the company (focusing on the competition with Apple) and says it’s something Apple isn’t: the fastest-growing company in the world.

Seems like a good time for a T-Poll:



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  1. Craig Cormier Says:

    I love my BlackBerry. However if I didn’t need to have Verizon’s service I would switch to an iPhone in a minute.

  2. tom b Says:

    Blackberries will persist a while because some people hate ATT (the iPhone’s sole US carrier. That said, Verizon sucks worse). Also, some people have a “physical keyboard” fetish– then again these are the same kind of people who still miss the floppy drive. Long term it’s iPhone, with a few bearded hermit Richard Stallman-types with Androids. Forget Pre’s– web apps are for bunnies.

  3. Mike Cerm Says:

    If the Blackberry’s software continues to improve the way it has over the last 3 years, it’s totally doomed. Going from the Pre, Android, or an iPhone to a Blackberry (even a Bold or Storm) is like switching from Windows 7 to Windows 3.1. I’d rather use Windows Mobile, honestly.

    I know that Blackberry has a lot of presence right now, but they’re in desperate need of a Palm-like rebirth if they want to make it long-term.

  4. Steven Fisher Says:

    Of course BlackBerry doomed. It’s only a question of whether it’s in a year, two years or ten years.

    They’d need to reinvent themselves to last ten, though.

  5. Robert Vassar Says:

    Contrary to popular belief, Verizon’s service is not much better than ATT.

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