More Fodder for the iPhone App Store Phantom Zone

By  |  Tuesday, September 1, 2009 at 11:12 am

NapsterAllThingsD’s Peter Kafka is reporting on a neat-sounding Napster client for the iPhone–and the fact that Napster says that high licensing costs for mobile streaming make the app a no-go, so it hasn’t even bothered to submit it to Apple for approval.

Napster for the iPhone joins a bunch of other promising iPhone apps which, for one reason or another, you can’t currently get: Google Voice (still being contemplated by Apple), Rhapsody (submitted for approval a bit over a week ago), and LaLa (still MIA, ten months after the company wowed me with a demo). Won’t it be cool when they’re all readily available? ¬†(I’m being optimistic and assuming it’s when rather than if.)


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  1. L1A Says:

    1gb of music on my ipod > millions of songs from those streaming sites where it plays random music i don’t even like and you can skip up to 3 times an hour.

    and why don’t they just make a web app if they are worried getting rejected? i think they are just making these apps for free publicity they get when apple says no. and then we’ll be reading for another week apple is evil, x company is good!

  2. DaveZatz Says:

    I’m hopeful Google Voice, in one form or another, gets app approval and assume Rhapsody is a slam dunk. Napster’s licensing costs are Best Buy’s problem. If they cna’t figure out how to offset them and make a profit, they need to find another business model or maybe just put it out of its misery once and for all.

  3. Marc Says:

    Spotify has been approved (although it’s not available in the US yet, and it’s overpriced IMO)

    So if they don’t get approved then we’d have to assume it’s because of AT&T, right?

  4. Marc Says:

    All these applications are limited if they can’t run in the background. I use a third party podcast tool because the Apple limit the iPhone to save bandwidth, and it’s annoying not being able to save a podcast to my iTunes podcasts and play them using the standard iPod application, in the background.

    If Apple don’t do something about this, then there’s a generation of rather frustrated iPhone owners who will be switching to Android, Pre or even Windows Mobile 7 in a few years.

  5. Bobman Says:

    I use Lala and Slacker all the time; if they would approve those (in the case of Slacker, the caching version not the streaming version), I just might buy an iTouch.

    What is with the mental block Apple has about giving some people what the want: music subscriptions.