What Will Apple Announce on Wednesday? You Tell Me!

By  |  Monday, September 7, 2009 at 11:30 pm

Apple Music EventLast time Apple had a big product rollout, I asked you to make some predictions. Collectively, you did better than some of the big-time Apple pundits. Now we’re just hours away from the company’s music event, which Technologizer will cover live beginning at 10am PT on Wednesday.

So let’s try this again, with another quick survey. I’ve listed some of the products that have been rumored or predicted for the event, and also let you predict whether the iPod Classic will get the axe or live on to play another day. I’ll close the survey Tuesday night and report on your verdict before the event happens–then follow up with a look at just how uncannily accurate you were.

Click here to take the Apple Music Event survey.


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6 Comments For This Post

  1. Max Says:

    What about the next Apple OS? I thought this article was interesting:

    What’s Next with the Apple OS X

  2. Disputatore Says:

    They’ll just say hi and send their best.

  3. Dale Larson Says:

    iTunes 9:
    sharing music you are listening to via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (with links to listen/purchase in iTunes)
    improved playlist features
    music subscription features (in addition to purchase), probably with streaming
    Beatles catalog finally available in iTunes.
    More TV and movie deals

    AppleTV refresh
    more drive space
    more access to streaming services
    more shows and movies

    Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but introducing a real media server which stores everything to be used by your iPhone/iPod, your MacBook Air and your AppleTV (none of which have enough drive space for a large music collection, much less video). Perhaps AppleTV or Mac Mini with large drives could do this, but it seems beyond what Time Capsule can deliver. New software would let you keep the index of your whole library everywhere, and if you try to listen to something not currently cached on the present device, it’d grab it next time you sync (or over WiFi or MobileMe). No more juggling playlists and struggling to keep enough free space on each device.

    iPod refresh
    Given the above device and software, not much point in harddrive based iPods anymore, eh?

  4. Rick Says:

    Since the Beatles Rockband is being released tomorrow (9-9-09) I bet Apple is going to announce Beatles on iTunes…..betcha. 😉

  5. Backlin Says:

    Cameras on the iPod Touch (just saw an article that says 3G cases are listed on Best Buy’s online inventory) and no other models, since the other models would not benefit from them. That’s about it. I’m not seeing any new iTunes version with integrated social networking aspects. I also doubt there will be music subscription services, since Apple bagged on those in the past.

  6. Backlin Says:

    *Almost forgot the obligatory capacity jumps on the flash models, and a possible (but I highly doubt it) a 240Gb iPod Classic).