Job Postings Suggest Twitter Looking to Generate Revenue

By  |  Monday, January 11, 2010 at 7:10 am

Twitter has long been derided by those interested in the financial side of tech as a money pit. The service really does not have a way to make money, although it was able to pull a profit this year thanks to content syndication deals with both Microsoft and Google. Thus several job listings on its website seem interesting considering the ever so common criticism.

Of the roughly two dozen listings, four include the word “monetization.” Those jobs would involve working on projects — seemingly as yet unreleased — which would give Twitter its much needed revenue stream.

Analysts told Reuters last week that its fairly likely that making money is a priority for the service in 2010. One analyst suggested that in order for Twitter to be successful in the long term, it has to start generating revenue in the short term.

Makes sense: you just can’t keep on losing money forever.

I am curious to see what Twitter does. We have seen that the company is open to some type of premium services, ones that would likely be sold to businesses. The commercial sector has increasingly turned to Twitter to supplement its customer service options, and going after these folks first seems like the most logical choice.

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