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By  |  Wednesday, January 13, 2010 at 11:56 am

Back when I had a “work PC” and a “home PC,” I swore by Citrix Online’s GoToMyPC remote-control service. I used it frequently to run business-related apps I didn’t have at home, and sometimes to snag files I’d forgotten to bring home. It certainly wasn’t my only remote-control option, nor the cheapest, but it scored extremely high for simplicity and rock-solid reliability.

When I started using Macs as well as Windows boxes, however, I used GoToMyPC less frequently. It had a Java client that let me control a PC from a Mac, but it was nowhere near as good as the native Windows app, and there wasn’t any way to control a Mac at all.

Citrix is remedying the situation today with the first version of GoToMyPC with full Mac support. It’s not a separate OS X version–which is why it’s not called GoToMyMac–but an upgrade to the standard one that works with Macs as well as Windows. For the first time, you can control a Mac from another Mac, a Windows PC from a Mac, or a Mac from a Windows PC. Or, as before, a PC from a PC.

Mac remote control is far from a breakthrough: GoToMyPC archrival LogMeIn already has it in its free and for-pay versions, and OS X even has a version built in, in the form of its Screen Sharing feature. And Citrix hasn’t yet implemented all the features available for Windows-to-Windows usage. But it’s still a welcome addition to a service that’s worth the bucks if you’ve got serious, ongoing need for remote access. GoToMyPC pricing remains the same: It’s $19.95 a month to control one computer, or $29.95 to control two. There are discounts for annual subscriptions, and a 30-day free trial offer.



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  1. Glenn Fleishman Says:

    Don’t forget Back to My Mac, which is an IPv6 IPsec tunneling service between any two computers with the same MobileMe account to carry Bonjour-advertised services. This works for screen sharing, file sharing, etc.

  2. Russ Barrett Says:

    Also good is Teamviewer @ for PC’s & Mac’s. Remote control with file transfer. Price: FREE, for personal use.

  3. Heidi Wieland, NTRglobal Says:

    Free NTRconnect for the Mac and for iPhone and iPod touch provide fast, one-click access to your computers, directly from your Apple device. Simply create an NTRconnect account and add the computers you want to access remotely to your account. Then install NTRconnect for iPhone and iPod touch on your Apple device and log in to access your entire computer at the touch of your fingertips. No monthly fee like GoToMyPC…no advertising…simply the best remote access for your computing devices from NTRglobal

    Check it out:

  4. Luca Barbera Says:

    Microsoft Live Mesh provides RDP connection for free, and it works beautifully between Mac (Intel) and PC, even across NATs.

  5. Katie Says:

    I love GoToMyPC. Fast performance & works great all the time.

  6. Kane Says:

    I have no experience with GoToMyPC but I use RHUB’s remote desktop appliance every day with students and it rocks.