E-Reader Owners: Happy!

By  |  Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 11:14 am

I think the iPad’s impact on the market for dedicated e-readers such as Amazon’s Kindle is going to be gigantic. But here’s interesting research from NPD saying that almost everybody who’s invested in an e-reader is a happy camper. I wonder if that’ll change once the the iPad is out and it’s clearer how extensive Apple’s content offerings will be?

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  1. sean Says:

    I just got a nook for christmas and I’m very happy with it and am not going to get an ipad. I’m an apple fanboy to an extent. And my phone already does everything the ipad will do. If i wanted to read books on an lcd screen, I’d just read on my macbook or iphone. It just isn’t the same though… theres a reason e-ink has become the display of choice for ereaders… it has a warmth and comfort and doesn’t bother your eyes after hours of reading. ipad? no thanks.