Native Union's Retro 'Pop Phone' Handsets

By  |  Friday, September 17, 2010 at 12:55 pm

When you think of phone headsets, its probably a good bet that what you’re thinking of its the traditional on ear kind. Native Union has taken this and given it a retro feel, launching a line that looks like the traditional corded phone handsets that many of us older folk would be familiar with.

The Pop Phone comes in pink, yellow, dark blue, dark purple and green. The company had already offered two other less “poppy” colors in red and black. The included 3.5mm jack will plug into any iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry, and a button on the inside of the handle would allow for one touch answer and disconnect. The Pop Phone also includes noise-cancelling, which should improve call clarity in noisier situations.

Native Union says one of the most compelling uses for this is on the iPad, as the handset would work with Skype and turn the tablet into a phone. The price is about the same as most other handsets, coming in at $29.99. I have to credit the company with being creative, but will these really sell?

Also available from the company are other less pop-influenced designs including the MM04, which retails for $199.99. That unit can connect up to two phones simultaneously via Bluetooth, and seems more catered towards the business set.

Will the Pop Phone sell though? I’m guessing if you’re a frequent Skyper, maybe getting this for your iPad might be the missing link. But I don’t know how many iPhone users would be willing to plunk down $30 for that old retro feel. I guess we’ll see.


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  1. Linda Says:

    I have been waiting for this exact item for a long time. I think it will sell bigtime. A cell phone with the old fashioned receiver. I even got it in purple.

  2. Cindy Says:

    I've been waiting for this, too! My husband hates talking to his brother long distance on his cell phone. I miss these handsets. And how about those customer service calls you need to see and use the keypad while you're on the phone? Can I get one with an adapter for my Verizon GzOne?

  3. Melinda Cordaro Says:

    Just bought Pop Phone on a whim, not really expecting much, but I LOVE it! It’s truly what I’ve been looking for, but I just did not know it until now! It even plays music from ITunes when you push the hang up button if you are not on a phone call. The only negative is that it’s not the most perfect clarity and I can’t get the volume to turn up. Is worth it though because the benefits out weigh the negatives!

  4. Lou Says:

    I got this wonderful device in bright blue that matches my iPhone and my car! It sure beats having to hold the iPhone up to my ear while driving. Great idea!

  5. deb Says:

    where do you find these?

  6. Brewer Says:

    Lenny Kravitz is using this. You bet your ass it's gonna sell

  7. Marie Says:

    just got one I love it. Since I cancelled my long distance. I know can you my cell phone as a house phone and still be mobile. I land up cutting people off on my cell phone with my face anyway!

  8. zernager Says:

    they break very quickly and won't communicate with the phone.

  9. Jan Says:

    I got one too, but it doesnt work with the BlackBerry….Help please?

  10. sscitizen Says:

    I got one too, and it works well with my Blackberry 9800 Torch.

  11. joan Kahn Says:

    where can I get Phone Bling for the Pop Phone?

  12. Gay Boyer Says:

    It Is A fabulous handset !!!!! makes talking on your Cell so much easier…….wonderful for all who have a hearing problem…….. once you use one, you will never want to be without it !

  13. Blah blah Says:

    I have iPad and my cell phone is nokia, and I'm living in Bulgaria, from where Can I get those pop phones and can they work on nokia n95.
    From a long time I wanted to know how to talk whit iPad , how to call.
    I have reated in a site that is one way and this is from Skype, but the problem is that I must have Skype credits, but I don't want to buy anything. Can you tell me from where els or what I must instal to talk from iPad and from where I can get the pop phones

  14. Blah blah Says:


  15. DonDi Says:

    will this work with a very plain, nothing extra NET 10 phone?