TV Ads May Get Quieter; Thank You, Government!

By  |  Friday, October 1, 2010 at 2:42 pm

Glad to see lawmakers putting partisan politics aside for the issues that really matter: A bill that forces television broadcasters and cable companies to ratchet down the volume on commercials passed in the U.S. Senate, and will be taken up by Congress after the November 2 elections. The House of Representatives has already signed similar bills, leaving only minor details to iron out. Once approved, it’ll require FCC regulations within a year, and enforcement a year after that. Nonpartisan, sure, but still slow as ever.



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  1. Alvin B. Says:

    So they wait until TV is nearly irrelevant, and then two years after that, the limits will be in place for all the deaf senior citizens who actually still will own a television by then.

  2. Horrabin Says:

    Consider this scenario:
    Mommy, in the kitchen, yells to Billy in the living room “Billy! Go stand by the TV and turn the commercials down when they come on!”
    Substitute the FCC for Mommy and ask yourself “is this what we should pay the Government to do with our hard-earned money?” (those who have any, anyway)