Drivers’ Ed at Home

By  |  Friday, October 22, 2010 at 2:51 pm

3D PC driving simulation gameLast Gadget Standing nominee: SimuRide Home Edition

Price: $75

Normally we want to focus on the gadget, not the software, but this one is worth knowing about. Teaching someone to drive a car ranks right up there with the Cyclone on the fear factor. The SimuRide Home Edition (SIMHE1) is a 3D PC driving simulation game (software CD) for beginner drivers. Used with any PC steering wheel device, beginner drivers can practice parallel parking, merging, passing, and other maneuvers in preparation for their driver’s license, featuring error alerts and reporting.


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  1. Barbara R. Bell Says:

    Wow. The SimuRide seems to be a great teaching device! ( I have to admit when i first saw the picture, I thought it was another evil piece of exercise equipment.) The price is good, too!

  2. shmarpet Says:

    Excellent! So excited! We'll be at booth #5515 featuring the Home Edition on a couple laptops with steering equipment. Thank you to those who see the potential and the reasons behind this idea! Thank you Barbara for the comment 🙂

  3. Barbara V. Says:

    I have been driving since 1976 but a friend is just now trying to get her license. She gets so nervous when out practising, and she has failed her test three time – different reasons each time. She is newly single, and desperately needs her license to get back and forth to work. I think this just might do the trick. So – it's not just for teenagers, it'll be good for adults also. Impressive.

  4. John-E Says:

    Imagine a parent telling his or her teenager to spend time in front of a computer as a solution to nervous parents and even more – the nervous teens learning to drive! This is great, try to drive before you drive.

  5. nasim Says:

    i have learnt driving like playing games by using is really fun and worthy.