I Still Can’t Use Both My Gmail Accounts at Once

By  |  Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 5:24 pm

I have two Gmail accounts: a personal one and a Google Apps one (at Technologizer.com) which I use for work. The fact that I can’t be logged into both at one time in the same browser is a hassle. I’d hoped today’s introduction of a Gmail feature that lets you grant access to another user (including yourself, at another Gmail account) would fix this. But it turns out you can only let in e-mail accounts at the same domain, so the new feature doesn’t help me. (When I’m on a Mac, I use a program called Mailplane to hop back and forth between the two accounts with one click.)


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  1. Evan Says:

    I can log into gmail and my google apps account at the same time, too. I rarely need to though, as I also forward my gmail to my apps email, and have that set up as an approved account. Works seamlessly- invisible to recipients

  2. Christian Johnson Says:

    I use chrome at work and can log into my personal gmail as well as my work email (google apps) at the same time in two tabs. I'm not sure how the setup would be different…I am on a PC though.

    Sometimes I need to check a second work email, so to do that I just use the IE tab extension in chrome. Basically I can work on three accounts at the same time!

  3. @ojezap Says:

    I'm confused: Can't you use the multiple sign-in feature (which can be enabled or disabled via your Google Accounts page)? That lets me move among my various Gmail accounts. I agree Mailplane makes this even easier if you're on a Mac.

  4. apollo729 Says:

    I just set my apps email to forward to my normal gmail account. If you do the settings right the replies to your apps email will come from your apps domain account and not your personal account. This works well enough for me as I get under 10 emails a day to my apps account. YMMV.

  5. kirkaug Says:

    I recently discovered Mailplane. Love it!

  6. David Brandon Says:

    Just use Fluid to make site specific browsers.

  7. Mark Watkins Says:

    Hi Harry – perhaps I am missing something but I have two tabs open all day every day in Firefox with my personal gmail in one and my work google apps email in the other, and I've never had a problem?

  8. Arvind Says:

    This was covered by that same blog a few months ago:

  9. Angie Says:

    I have the same problem despite having activated multiple login. Any suggestions?