Will ThriXXX Create Kinect's First Windows 7 Game? Let's Hope Not

By  |  Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 4:02 pm

Once the Kinect hacks started flowing, interactive porn was bound to happen.

And so we have ThriXXX claiming the first working demo of motion-controlled groping. The company plans to make Kinect compatible with all of its sex games — “Fetish 3D” and “3D SexVilla” among them — next year. A tech demo,¬†uploaded to YouTube is already flagged as inappropriate.

Obviously, ThriXXX’s games won’t be available on Xbox 360. They’re strictly for Windows, which means ThriXXX could potentially release the first commercial use of Kinect in a PC game. I really hope that doesn’t happen.

Kinect’s hackers have shown us some mind-blowing possibilities for Microsoft’s motion-sensing camera, from playing with your shadow to drawing in 3D to playing classic NES games to robots. But all of these projects, at least to my knowledge, are proofs of concept that you can’t easily try at home. ThriXXX, on the other hand, intends to make Kinect compatible with its existing sex games, which are free to download but offer in-game purchases and memberships.

Ideally, Microsoft would open up Kinect to independent developers on both the Xbox 360 and Windows, so we might see some better ideas for sale than virtual porn, but the company hasn’t committed to a timeline. As of late November, Xbox’s director of incubation, Alex Kipman, said its XNA Studio development tools are “something that we will support in the future.” Microsoft’s Kinect plans for Windows are still a mystery.

ThriXXX’s exact release plans aren’t clear. For all we know, the tech demo could be a publicity stunt, and the implementation in commercial software may never happen. But if it does, and Microsoft isn’t already letting developers create more purposeful software, it’ll be a disgrace.



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  1. dholyer Says:

    When I first started seeing the compaction products develop to compete with the WII were becoming visual input. The first thing I thought of was XXX market. There are some products that can do the feel of touch. And in the labs they are creating smell. I say before 2050 they will have prototype Holodecks like what Star Trek: The Next Generation has. Next comes virtual money to pay or cost the participants then come the Virtual Vice Police. And that industry may be in the Trillions of dollars in earnings. This because what Primal instict does Humanity have after Survival and Food, that's Reproduction (aka Sex). And most of the time it is stronger a desire than food.

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