Skype Outage Continues

By  |  Wednesday, December 22, 2010 at 2:08 pm

Skype says that it’s “returning to normal” after today’s major outage. From what we can tell from here, th0ugh, the service is still feeling sickly.



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  1. jerry Says:

    Agreed, and perhaps even worst than before – I used to have up and downs and since 6 PM EST, it is down all the time.

  2. @style_escort Says:

    still my skype is not working, tanks god that twitter is still working.

  3. Martus Says:

    stil my skype is not working in the netherlands

  4. teresa Says:

    my skype is still not working..would like to know when it will

  5. elvergallo Says:

    mine works just fine

  6. Mike Says:

    Not working in Florida

  7. Rene Says:

    Not working in Sydney

  8. Rene Says:

    Just to prove me wrong just started to work as I sent the message

  9. SECAPP Says:

    NOPE! Service has been down all day, and still is for my paid subscription.

  10. Kitty Says:

    It's been down all day here in Indiana

  11. David Says:

    Still out here west coast Florida. 10:30PM EST

  12. Jeff Says:

    Skype down in Iowa

  13. Deanna Says:

    Skype has been down in Indiana all day today but appears to be up now. Just waiting for my friends in other parts of the country/world to be back up and running. =)

  14. diamond Says:

    fore more weeks now skype is working normal again