Last Gadget Standing: The Ten Finalists

By  |  Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at 4:44 pm

Dozens of companies that will be demonstrating their products at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show nominated themselves for the Last Gadget Standing competition. We judges whittled the contenders down to 25 semi-finalists. And now we’ve cut down that list to ten finalists who will get to show their stuff at our event at CES in Las Vegas next week. One of them will be…the last gadget standing.

Our finalists include:
Acer’s Iconia two-screen notebook

Barnes & Noble’s Nookcolor e-reader..

Fujifilm’s Finepix Real 3D W3 camera

Google and Samsung’s Nexus S smartphone

Looxcie’s wearable camcorder

Sifteo Cubes digital blocks

…and Sonomax’s Soundcage headphones.

Three products that will be officially announced at CES also made the final cut:

  • A never-before-seen product from Fujitsu
  • A new technology from Intel
  • An undisclosed special surprise

The winner will be chosen using an applause meter at the CES event, which will be held on Saturday, January 8 at 10:30 a.m. in Room N257-258 of the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall. But even if you won’t be in Vegas, you can participate: We’ll also hold online voting starting January 5th at, and the winner of that poll will be named as People’s Choice.

Here’s the official press release, with some more details; follow @lastgadget2011 on Twitter for more news. If you were choosing a winner from the above candidates right now, which one would you pick?


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16 Comments For This Post

  1. cajundog Says:

    Come on people, a smartphone and a e-reader? It's suppose to be the last GADGET standing, not the latest flavor of the week hardware!!

  2. Harry McCracken Says:

    Cajundog–we define "gadget" broadly–as, basically, any tech product you can carry without undue effort–so phones and e-readers qualify


  3. @supahjew Says:

    I think y'all missed the boat this year. There were some great products in your semifinalists that had lots of buzz and were truly unique, yet you selected some that REALLY aren't pushing the envelope much in terms of gadgetness. I agree with cajundog… smartphone and ereader are nothing new, and frankly kids' digital blocks are simply ridiculous. Even the 3D camera isn't really anything new.


  4. booklady Says:

    NookColor gets my vote

  5. Sandy Says:

    Love my NookColor! I had the B&W 3G before & the color outshines it completely! In addition to reading, web browsing, email, Pandora radio & games are great features of this eReader!

  6. vanessa Says:

    have never used the other gadgets but I have the nook color and think its very cool

  7. Steele Says:

    NookColor gets my vote. After rooting mine I had an Android Tablet that was stylish, comfortable to hold, and easy to use, all for 250(a software update is expected mid to late Jan. in case you don't want to risk it, though it can be safely restored to factory settings). Best product here by far, though I can see everyone's point as far as kids blocks, 3D camera, and smart phone. Still, there is some really cool stuff here to. I'll have to look more into the Acer, even though I typically am not a fan of the company in general.

  8. lucie Says:

    It's NookColor for me too! I've had mine since Thanksgiving (my birthday) and I just love it!
    I don't know what "rooting" means, or how to do that, so I guess I will just wait until Froyo 2.2 to come along and enrich my life even more than it is now!

  9. toni Says:

    NookColor all the way.

  10. wellguy Says:

    Sonomax, Ear buds get my vote cant wait to get a set and finally have reasonable priced great fitting custom built ear phones.

  11. bergerhoo Says:

    I guess I gotta go with the Nook Color also. It's smaller than an iPad, priced well, plays movies, shows photos, expandable memory, easier to read display than a Kindle, email, facebook, web browser, and oh yeah…….books, books, books!

  12. Bailey Says:

    NOOKcolor ftw

  13. Family Says:

    Definitely NookColor. Love it. Got one for my husband for Christmas. He loves it too. Now the rest of the family wants one.

  14. @NewPharo Says:

    U think Kodak will Change th game as their Teaser CES 2011 email
    Hot New Technology From Kodak
    Coming Soon

    Kodak to make
    sharing even easier!

    New Kodak camera
    packed with high
    performance features!

    Big news in
    shoot and share

    The 2011 Internationl CES (Consumer Electronics Show)
    is taking place in Las Vegas on January 6-9, 2011.
    Watch for all-new products from Kodak.

  15. Tom Batterson Says:

    Nook color has my vote too.
    It is far more than an e-reader I watch movies, check my email, and surf the web (I'm typing this on it right now).

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